Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Productive week so far!  

Yesterday Maria and I walked over to Jody's and played with her boys. while I was there I dropped of my baseball fee (that's right I am playing slow pitch this year, if they have enough people on the team).  We all went for a walk after supper. Darren and I cleaned out our bedroom. (Our bed is in the living room right now, that was weird sleeping in there last night)

Today I have shampooed the bedroom (that was the blackest water I have ever seen in a shampooer). I washed the curtains and am going to hem then so they are dragging on the floor before I put them back up.

I plan on shampooing the new throw rug in the living room and Maria's room, and all the basement rugs (those are going to be filthy). Also I have been going through old magazines and ripping out the stuff I want to keep, recipes and decorating examples of what I like. I am going to put them in a scrapbook for easy reference.

I have decided to get back to the books and write my next exam. I'm thinking the Monday before Easter.

It feels great to get things done! Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can finish the bag I'm sewing.

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