Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29

Its been tough for Darren and me to teach Maria to sit nice or at lead quiet for church. We don't want to disturb anyone else's worship with a chatty little girl. But today we packed Maria's minnie mouse dress up set and some yummy snacks. She behaved pretty good. She even decided to sit in the pew behind us with Laura Marie (who was happy to have her).

We are off to the hat this afternoon and less than 5 min in the car she was asleep hugging Cindy.

I've been trying to think where she picked up some of these maternal instincts. For Christmas she received two dolls and loves to rock, burp, push them in a stroller and tuck them into bed. She also brings them to me to watch and cuddle. I keep thinking back to the growing up with girls session we took and how much is learned and how much is part of who they are. It'll be interesting to see the difference if we have a boy next time.

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