Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31

Wow, 3 posts in one month!!! I love having an app on the phone!!

I'm trying to think of what to make with the chicken breast tonight...maybe just a basic seasoned baked chicken. I could have potatoes or rice on the side or make them into wraps.... We will just have to see.

Two days of being in the office along is very draining. Uncle Greg is back tomorrow and hopefully Jen will be back on Thursday.

I just heard that Jessi and Andreas are moving to Edmonton. Jessi has been doing the youth and family ministry at the church. We had them over for games and really enjoyed hanging out with them. Sigh.... We finally make a Brooks friend all by ourselves. Hopefully we will be able to stay in contact.

Did I mention, we are going to see BB King in May with Jen B!!! I'm so excited! He is suppose to be awesome in concert.

Better get back to work ;)

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  1. WOOHOO!!! BB King! It's gonna be great!